Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today we released our last hatch of bobwhites out by the windmill.

They were six weeks old, and had pretty much outgrown their home in the brood room - which they've been sharing with about 20 coturnix.

We drove them out to the windmill and opened the cage.

We had to shoo these last three out of the cage. They were very reluctant to leave.

And then all of a sudden, they all took flight!! What a sight to see!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


My "new" sewing machine - a 1963 Singer Touch & Sew! Isn't it a beauty? I found this at an estate sale in Baytown last week, but had to wait until yesterday to get over there. I kept tabs on the sale all weekend, making sure it hadn't sold. And as an extra bonus, yesterday was 1/2 off day! I am so excited to have found this amazing machine. All the pieces to the craft room puzzle are falling into place!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


We've been waiting on a shipment of coated chicken wire for some time now - we use it on the quail pens to keep varmints out. I've needed a run for my peafowl, and Big John suggested we use the same wire for it.

But today, I could wait no longer ... I opened the door to the pea pen and set them free!

Beauty immediately flew to the patio roof.

Bo followed right behind her and made it to the top of the goose pen. Then he jumped into the ash tree beside it.

It was quite a sight to see those big birds take flight! I just hope they'll come back down.

The two young peas are being a little more cautious and hanging around the pen. I'm sure they'll head somewhere high before too long!

Ahhh, sweet freedom!