Thursday, December 13, 2012

GINGHAM (my next ride!)

The most recent addition to the farm: 6 month old Gingham, my Longhorn steer!

Gingham came from some local breeders, my good friend Kristi and her husband. I've wanted a Longhorn steer for quite some time, and Kristi happened to have a calf for sale. They weaned him, cut him, and halter broke him for me, and he's adjusting pretty well to life at our house.

Gingham and I work on leading every day. He's getting much better at it - thankfully, while he's still young enough for me to drag. If weather permits this weekend, we'll try talking a walk in the trap. I'll need Big John there to walk behind and keep him moving (or to grab on to the end of the lead rope when he tries to run off!)

My plan for Gingham is to break him to ride. We may be the next big thing!

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